ASLEF Equalities 20

ASLEF’s first equalities committees – representing Women, Black and Minority Ethnic, and LGBT members – were founded in 2000. Since then they have been joined by a Young Members Representative Committee and a Disabled Members Forum.

Equalities Stories

TUC Disabled Workers Conference 2021

This year ASLEF saw a first as we sent a delegation to the TUC Disabled Workers Conference for the first time. This was after we set up the Disabled Members Forum (DMF) in late 2019 with their first meeting taking place in early 2020.

TUC Young Workers Conference 2021

This year’s young workers conference took place online 27 – 28 March. Our delegation was made up of James Sutherland (YMRC Chair, District 3) , Lukas Sutcliffe (Elected lay member and YMRC District 4), Hollie Yates(YMRC Secretary,District 5) and Rob Spilsbury (elected lay member District 6).

TUC LGBT+ Conference 2021

TUC LGBT+ Conference took place virtually 25-26 February 2021. ASLEF’s delegation carried over from the cancelled 2020 conference and was made up by Darran Brown (LGBT+RC Secretary, District 3), David Jones (LGBT+RC Chair, District 7), Graham O’Mara (elected lay member, District 6) and James Sutherland (elected Lay member, District 3). Darran Brown was re-elected to…