2018: TUC Trans Rights Motion

At TUC LGBT+ conference in July 2018, ASLEF submitted an emergency motion on trans rights:

This Conference notes the announcement on 3rd July by the Government that it will, finally, be holding a consultation on changes to the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) 2004.

As trade unionists we support trans workers rights, and as champions of equality we welcome the increased visibility and empowerment of transgendered and non-binary people in our society.

We call on the Government to take note of global best practise on gender recognition and change the current processes for gender recognition that are lengthy, intrusive, humiliating and not fit for purpose.

We call on the TUC to campaign for a simplified, free, statutory gender recognition process based on self declaration and to support rights for gender non-binary people at work and in wider society.

We welcome the Government’s commitment that the provisions in the Equality Act 2010 will remain.  We support the right of all women (including trans women) to safe spaces and the continuation of monitoring that can help identify discrimination against women and men.

We look forward to the introduction of a social rather than medical model of gender recognition that will help challenge repressive gender stereotypes in the workplace and in society.

The motion was moved by Rachel Harper (district 7) and received overwhelming support from the conference floor. It was the motion chosen by delegates to go forward to TUC Congress later that year.

Rachel Harper stands at a lectern in front of a screen saying 'TUC LGBT+ workers conference 2018', and facing a room of delegates
Rachel Harper moving the motion

At TUC Congress Maria Exall Chair of the TUC LGBT+ Committee moved the motion which was seconded by Deborah Reay, Chair of the ASLEF Women’s Representative Committee. After a positive debate on what had become a rather toxic issue the motion was adopted by Congress and the TUC took a position in favour of self declaration for trans and non-binary people.

Debbie Reay stands at a lectern branded '#TUC150' and in front of a projected screen with a photograph of a top table and the words 'motion 41: support for gender self-declaration'
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