2020: 20 Years of Organising for Equality

2020 has been a history-making year for many reasons and matters around equality and diversity featured strongly in them.

Covid-19 brought inequality within society in the UK firmly into focus: the disproportionate number of deaths in BAME communities; the inconsistent treatment and support for people with disabilities; the rise in domestic violence; the impact on young people in education. Then the murder of George Floyd that shocked the world and saw support for the BLM movement swell.

Originally ASLEF had planned to celebrate 20 years of organising for equality at union’s annual conference which was cancelled due to the lockdown.

So, like most of this year, we adapted. December sees a special edition of the ASLEF Journal featuring interviews with some of the union’s equality activists. This website was also developed as an archive to be added to in years to come.

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