2019: Period Poverty Motion TUC Women’s Conference

At TUC Women’s Conference in March 2019, ASLEF put forward a motion on period poverty.

A group of five women stand around a donation box, each holding several packets of tampons and sanitary towels.

Period poverty affects both young women and adults across the country as sanitary products can be expensive and difficult to access.

Ahead of conference ASLEF approached the TUC and asked if donation boxes could be made available for delegates to donate sanitary products. The donations were then distributed to those in need.

ASLEF’s motion was composited and then voted by Women’s Conference to be taken forward to TUC Congress in September.

After pressure from campaigns such as The Red Box Project and Bloody Good Period in January 2020 the Department for Education announced that free sanitary wear would be available in all state schools and colleges in England. The Scottish and Welsh Governments were already providing this.

The fight continues for women who are homeless, refugees and asylum seekers.

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