2019: First Young Members Representative Committee Delegate at AAD

In 2019, the Young Members Representative Committee sent their first delegate to AAD.

Mat France, district 8, represented the committee.

Delegates sit in a full conference hall. On the front row, cards in front of each delegate show that they are representing young members, LGBT+ members, BAME members and women members.
Matt France speaks at a lectern. In front of him is a card saying 'YMRC'

The committee also submitted their first motions to the conference on lobbying the Office of Rail and Road to decrease the licensable age of mainline train drivers from 20 to 18; a demand to review the cost of fares for 16-18 year olds forced to travel in peak times to school, college or workplace training, and that all newly qualified drivers should receive the full headline salary for their company as soon as qualified.

Hollie Yates, also a member of the Young Members Representative Committee, attended AAD for the first time in 2019 as the delegate for Cambridge branch. She spoke to ASLEF about her experience as a first time delegate:

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