2018: Young Members Forum Tour of Parliament

In January 2018, members of the Young Members Forum took a tour of Parliament with the youngest Labour MP.

A group of young ASLEF members stand with Danielle Rowley in Westminster Hall in Parliament, in front of an ornate door.

Danielle Rowley was the MP for Midlothian. She was elected in 2017 at the age of 27.

Danielle was a member of ASLEF’s Parliamentary Group and an active campaigner for public transport before losing her seat in 2019.

The group included Young Member Forum members James Sutherland (district 3), Antony Holdsworth (district 6), Hollie Yates (district 5), Phil Sweeney (district 4), Tom Taylor (district 7) and Lee James ASLEF’s Equalities Advisor.

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