2018: Self-declaration for Trans and Non-Binary People

In summer 2018 a government consultation was launched considering reforms to the Gender Recognition Act (GRA). This is the act which allows transgender people to change the sex/gender on their birth certificate. The premise for the consultation was to consider a move away from the medicalised, quasi-judicial application process to be in-line with the principles of self-declaration. 

The LGBT+ and Women’s Representative Committees submitted a joint report to the Executive Committee setting out the reasons why each committee believed that reform of the Act was required and that they were strongly in favour of trans and non-binary people being able to self-declare.

The EC considered the report and agreed to adopt it, meaning that ASLEF has firm policy in favour of self-declaration for trans and non-binary people and supports the reform of the Gender Recognition Act.

Debbie and David stand next to each other, both wearing 'some people are trans, get over it' t shirts with red writing on a black background and a Stonewall logo
Debbie Reay, Women’s Representative Committee Chair and David Jones, LGBT+ Committee Chair
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