2017: Young Members Forum

Following a vote at AAD in 2016, ASLEF created a Young Members Forum which first met in January 2017.

Like the existing equalities committees, the young members forum consisted of an elected young member from each of ASLEF’s eight regional districts.

The original forum members were:

  • D1 Damon Cox
  • D2 Matt Watters
  • D3 James Sutherland
  • D4 Phil Sweeney
  • D5 Hollie Yates
  • D6 Antony Holdsworthy
  • D7 Tom Taylor
  • D8 Matt France

The first meeting of the forum was held at ASLEF head office on 31 January 2017.  James Sutherland (D3) was elected as chair and Matt France (D8) as vice chair.

The forum agreed to:

  • Write to the Executive Committee asking them to consider increasing the upper age limit of a young member from 27 to 35.
  • Set up a closed Facebook group for young members to network and share information.
  • Attend the forthcoming ASLEF equalities weekend school to introduce the forum and its proposed work streams.
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