2017: ASLEF’s First Young Members Conference

November 2017 saw ASLEF’s first young members conference held at the offices of The International Transport Federation in London.

A group of about 30 people standing together in a hotel conference room. A smaller group at the front are kneeling down and holding a red ASLEF flag.

The conference brought together members of the Young Members Forum along with young drivers from across the country.

As well as having an opportunity to meet members of the ASLEF YMF, the General Secretary and President, delegates heard from other young people from across the Labour movement including Craig Dawson, Chair of the TUC Young Workers Forum; Tom Holliday, a key organiser in the 2017 McDonalds strikes, and Danielle Rowley, MP for Midlothian and the youngest Labour MP in Parliament.

The aim of the event was to educate young members on union structures and the ways in which they could become active in their local areas.

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