2015: Stand Up to Racism March

In March 2015, ASLEF had its first official presence at the Stand Up to Racism march in London.

ASLEF's Black and Ethnic Minority Members banner is in the centre of the photograph, being held by two people. Two other ASLEF members are standing in front of the banner.
A large group of people including TUC General Secretary Frances O'Grady march with banners and placards. The people at the front are holding large banners saying 'stand up to racism' and 'no to Islamophobia'

The annual march usually takes place in London, Glasgow and Cardiff and sees trade unionists and anti-racism campaigners come together in a show of unity against racism and fascism.

ASLEF’s BAME representative committee organise the union’s attendance at the march, and are usually joined by members of the Executive Committee, Officers and members from around the country.

Since this initial presence in 2015, ASLEF has attended the march every year.

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