2014: Branch Equality Reps

Rule changes at the 2014 AAD saw changes for Branch Equal Opportunity Reps who were originally added to the ASLEF rulebook at the 2004 conference.

Northern Line North branch proposed a rule changes which saw a name change to Branch Equality Reps as well as the introduction of a new rule which, for the first time, gave definition to the role.

The change brought in this clear list of instructions explaining what would be expected of anyone elected:

  • Liaise with the branch on Equality Issues.
  • Promote and distribute information relating to the equality agenda
  • Have regular contact with their District ASLEF Representative Committee members, providing them with feedback from the branch.
  • Attend network meetings with other Branch Equality Representatives within their own District.
  • Ensure any new policy discussions are ‘Equality Proofed’
  • Keep abreast of new equality legislation
  • Attend National workshop meetings when required

Both rule changes were adopted by the conference.

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