2013: Who’s Gay Campaign

In 2013, the LGBT Representative Committee launched a campaign to challenge workplace homophobia.

The ‘who’s gay?’ campaign used a poster featuring profile pictures of lots of different people, some who identify as LGBT, some who don’t to illustrate the idea that you can never know whether someone identifies as LGBT or not.

A collage of 20 photographs of different people's faces. Over the top of the photographs white text says 'who's gay?' and 'homophobia is not an opinion, it's an offence. There's no place for it in the workplace'

Launching the campaign in the Equally Driven newsletter, LGBT Representative Committee member Darran Brown said:

Can it be right to come to work and be quizzed about your sexuality or asked why don’t you find a woman attractive, or to be introduced to your colleagues as “the new driver and he’s gay?”

Should we, the LGBT people, have to see abusive comments on toilet walls stating that we are faggots, overhear conversations claiming that Hitler was doing a good thing by getting rid of the gays, to be told that you can’t use the loos because you’re Trans? All of those statements were made by our fellow drivers against LGBT drivers. There was even the most pernicious comment made saying that “if you’re gay then you’re a paedophile.” I ask you is this the harassment and bullying we should be facing from our own brothers and sisters in a Trade Union movement?

Let’s stand together for the good of all members defending each other and protecting our rights as we would the rights of all workers, to work free, safe to earn a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work in an environment without harassment or bullying based on someone’s difference.

Together we can and we will get equality for all.

Darran brown, equally driven issue #1
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