2012: On Track with Diversity

In order to monitor progress on diversity and inclusion in the train driving grade, it is important to gather information about the current situation in the industry.

The cover of the On Track with Diversity 2012 report. The background is red and has white ASLEF and IER logos. In the centre there is a photograph of members marching with the ASLEF black and ethnic minority members banner, and two inset photos - one of a woman and one of a black man, both driving trains.

In 2012, ASLEF and the Institute for Employment Relations undertook research into UK rail companies and published a report, On Track with Diversity, with their findings and analysis.

The report found that just 4.2% of train drivers were women and 4.9% were from black and ethnic minority communities. Several train companies were found to employ no women or BAME train drivers at all, while a small number of companies in the south of the country employed up to 10% female drivers and 20% BAME.

The report was used both politically and industrially to begin dialogue about the lack of diversity within the driving grade and to explore avenues of joint working to try and rectify this.

A meeting was held in Parliament hosted by Maria Eagle, Shadow Transport Secretary where the contents of the report were discussed with MP’s and ASLEF officials.

Click here to read the report. An updated version was published in 2019.

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