2006: TUC Women’s Committee

In March 2006, Pauline Cawood became the first ASLEF member elected to the TUC Women’s Committee.

When reporting on her election, fellow consultative committee member Wendy Hurst said:

Then the all important TUC Women’s Committee ballot. ASLEF had nominated Pauline Cawood, although we were advised that usually a candidate would not succeed on their first attempt. Against the odds we are proud to announce that Pauline was elected to the committee.

Wendy hurst, women’s consultative committee member
Five women standing together in front of a white banner which says 'TUC Women's Conference 2006' in red nd has a blue 'End violence against women' logo in the top right hand corner.
L-R Wendy Hurst, Sharon Allen, Rebekah Peterson, Pauline Cawood, Gillian Macdonald

You can find out more about the work of the TUC women’s structures here.

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