2004: Verbal Reports at AAD

At AAD in May 2004, the three consultative committees gave verbal reports to conference for the first time.

Photo of delegates in a row at a table, facing a top table of four people. One person at the top table is standing up and speaking. Banners say 'Welcome to ASLEF Conference 2004'.

This was the beginning of the work of the committees being shared in order that members can all learn from the issues facing people from marginalised groups.

In their reports, the committee representatives shared the work that the committees had done in their first years, and talked about some of the issues facing the people they represented.

The SECC has been charged with the hardest job.  Unlike the Race, Women’s and Retired Members’ Sections, we do not know whom we represent until they approach us. 

dave bacon, sexual equality consultative committee

It is clear from the work which we have done that, along with the other committees, that there has been no detrimental effect to this trade union and we have caused people to get involved in the Union who probably would not have done so in the past if we were not operational. We are actually an asset to the Union, not a detriment.    

marion butcher, women’s consultative committee

It is important that all of our members know what some of our members are facing because of their sex, be they gay or lesbian, or because of their race.  It is important that the branches invite the committee members to attend so you know what issues are being fought within the railway industry.   

tony phillps, race consultative committee
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