2001: TUC Black Workers Conference

In 2001 the first ASLEF delegation attended TUC Black Workers Conference.

Delegate Aasif Kavde reported in the ASLEF Journal that the union moved motions on psychometric testing and the issue of racism in the rail industry.

Both motions were supported by the majority of conference and were carried.

Text reads: This was the first time that ASLEF had sent delegates to the TUC Black Workers conference and as such we found the experience extremely rewarding and worthwhile. The delegation was responsible for moving two motions which covered the following subjects - psychometric testing, and racism in the railway industry. Both motions were carried and won the support of the vast majority of conference. The final day of conference proved to be the most important, since the debate centred around the motion from the FBU, which called for a campaign to encourage the General Council to campaign for the removal of UN sanctions imposed on Iraq. During the debate the platform asked conference to reject the motion. However, the vast majority of delegations opposed that position. During the debate, an Iraqi spoke of the appalling situation that sanctions are having on the women and children in Iraq and how many children have died as a direct result. When the vote took place, the vast majority of unions voted for the motion. The delegation felt that they had learned a great deal from their first experience and wish to be involved in the future. The delegation wish to thank the General Secretary and Executive Committee for making it possible.
Article from the ASLEF Journal, June 2001
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