2001: Newsletters Launched

Following their initial meetings, each of the equalities committees launched a newsletter for the members they represent.

A newsletter with the heading 'Facing Points' and subheading 'the newsletter for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender members of ASLEF'
A newsletter with the heading Fresh Tracks and subheading 'The magazine of the ASLEF Black and Ethnic Minority Consultative Committee'

The women’s newsletter was called Sisters on the Move. Sadly the file copy of the first issue has become corrupted so we are unable to access its content. The Spring 2002 edition included articles from Stephanie McKay – then the committee secretary – who explained the role of the Women’s Consultative Committee along with pieces on the importance of facility breaks and preventing harassment.

Facing Points, the LGBT newsletter, focused on ASLEF’s pledge to outlaw homophobic bullying in the workplace; the aims of the new Sexual Equality Consultative Committee; new and proposed legal protections for trans people, and information about World AIDS Day.

The BEM newsletter was called Fresh Tracks, and its first issues looked at the need for accurate ethnicity monitoring data; a report from the ASLEF National Black Workers school; advice for anyone facing discrimination at work, and an update from TUC Black Workers Conference.

These newsletters ran twice yearly until 2013 when they were replaced with a new equalities newsletter called Equally Driven.

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