2001: Ethnicity Monitoring Survey

In 2001, ASLEF’s new BEM Consultative Committee launched an ethnicity monitoring survey.

Following the passing of the Race Relations Act 2000, organisations were required to compile statistical breakdowns of their employees in order to monitor diversity. ASLEF also needed to gather this information.

Collecting data on which members identify as Black, Asian or from an ethnic minority background also enabled ASLEF to contact those members directly with relevant information.

In a 2000 Journal article, it was pointed out that there were very few reps and branch officers who identified as BAME, and the importance of diverse members not just joining ASLEF but becoming active.

This article from the February 2002 ASLEF Journal explains the importance of completing the survey:

This exercise has led to the union introducing ethnicity monitoring as a standard part of the ASLEF application form.

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