2000: Committees Formed

At the 2000 Annual Assembly of Delegates, ASLEF’s annual conference and parliament, the Executive Committee had submitted a rule change which would see the introduction of committees representing members from minority groups within ASLEF structures. They would be referred to as Consultative Committees and would organise members who were female, LGBT or from an ethnic minority.

The top half of the picture shows three men on a top table in front of a union banner. The lower half shows a conference room from the back, with delegates sat in rows and three people at the top table.

The rule changes would also give consultative committee members a seat at district council meetings.

During the debate the General Secretary told conference delegates:

‘It is time to challenge the ignorance and prejudice within the union, we are going to follow the equality agenda even if it sometimes seems shocking to men’s sensibilities.

‘This is a fundamental issue for the progress of our trade union.’

mick rix, General secretary

The original members of each committee were elected later in 2000, before meeting for the first time in early 2001.

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