Representative Committees at AAD

AAD 2000 saw the creation of the consultative committees and at AAD 2001 – 2003 the work of the consultative committees was summarised in EC reports. At AAD 2004 the consultative committees sent a member to AAD to report on the work of the consultative committee over the year.

Representative Committees in 2020

The ASLEF equality committee’s as well as growing in number have had a variety of titles over the last 20 years. At inception they were the Women’s, Sexually Equality and Race Consultative Committees and now in 2020 we have the Women’s, LGBT+, BAME and Young Members Representative Committees as well as the Disabled Members Forum.

Pride: Past and Present

Throughout the years the Sexual Equality Consultative Committee and then the LGBT+ Representative Committee have organised attendance at Pride marches across the country. Members have attended Pride events from London to Brighton to Glasgow to the Isle of Wight and many more.