TUC LGBT+ Conference 2021

TUC LGBT+ Conference took place virtually 25-26 February 2021. ASLEF’s delegation carried over from the cancelled 2020 conference and was made up by Darran Brown (LGBT+RC Secretary, District 3), David Jones (LGBT+RC Chair, District 7), Graham O’Mara (elected lay member, District 6) and James Sutherland (elected Lay member, District 3). Darran Brown was re-elected toContinue reading “TUC LGBT+ Conference 2021”

LGBT+ History Month 2021 Webinar

To mark LGBT+ History Month in 2021 our LGBT+ Representative Committee hosted a webinar covering the work of the committee since its inception in 2000. Featuring founding and current members of the committee, the webinar explored the experiences then and now for LGBT+ members within ASLEF and working on the railway.